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Right, upcoming submissions and readings... This is mainly so I can keep track of the dates and selections myself. More than likely I may end up sending something completely new to at least some of these, but I'd like to have some options ready in case I don't manage to write anything new over the next couple of weeks.

So, tentative selections... thoughts and suggestions are more than welcome, should you feel so inclined.

Two poems to the Best of Manchester Poets Anthology, deadline 30th of June

Lol, these are kind of Manchester themed in a way and while it isn't a requirement the storytelling element feels like a good fit.

ain't no love in here, girl

Azalea Avenue
(this needs some fixing, I'm not completely happy with it at the moment)

Two poems to read at
Poetica Knitting Event on 6th of July

Fairly settled on these as they both read quite well.


in babylon they laugh with broken teeth

There is a part of me that wants to read you were wrong first just for the reactions...

Three poems to the Mslexia competition, deadline 18th of July

These, I feel, are the best I have to offer at the moment. I'm a little worried that they are stylistically too similar and I should be showing more range...??

Different Ghosts


Such Mercy

Three poems to the Poetica Anthology, deadline 20th of July

First one is set, because the group liked the format and typeset almost as much as they liked the poem itself (it was justified with wide margins on the print out). The others I'm dithering on.

Bone Sparrow


On Walking Home At Night (needs some tidying up I think)

OR something shorter like i am a shark or and your heart too

Decisions, decisions...

(Yes, this post is open as I said such posts would be. Poems are flocked though so if you want access to them, please drop me a comment somewhere)

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