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Welcome to Bone Verse

I've been writing poetry for even longer than I've been on LiveJournal. This particular journal is a new one, as I wanted to transfer my poetry and related ramblings onto a blog separate from my main real life and fandom journal. I have posted (back dated) all the old stuff onto here now and you can find them via the Masterlist.

I use this journal for two main purposes:
1. To post my own writing, mostly poetry and lyrics. These entries are friends-locked.
2. To talk about other people's poetry, writing poetry, reading poetry, and possible future forays into submissions and publishing. These entries are open.


To reiterate: All my own writing is friends-locked and to be able to read it you need to friend the journal and be friended back. Please note that unless we already know each other from elsewhere, you need to comment below to be added back.
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Just a quick fyi note to say that the Poem Masterlist has been updated.

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The book launch event was fantastic and incredibly well attended. The pace of poetry was relentless (40 readers in 2 hours!) and my own performance went well I'm told (I have not yet felt brave enough to watch the video [ profile] pushkin666 oh so thoughtfully took...). I was so happy to have friends there to enjoy the evening with me, so heartfelt thanks to [ profile] pushkin666, [ profile] moth2fic, [ profile] fledge and [ profile] trialia for attending, and for [ profile] margaret_r for being there in the spirit :)

There is a review of the event here at Write Out Loud if you want to read about it more.

And of course, the book itself is now out for sale.

You can buy it directly from the publisher's website, for a measly £9.99 (free P&P within UK!) The variety and quality of the poems is seriously impressive so I can recommend the book without a reservation.


I am in a bit of a slump at the moment when it comes to poetry writing. The thesis seems to be sapping all my creativity at the moment, which I'm not pleased about. Hopefully a change of scenery will work and the upcoming three weeks in Finland will provide some inspiration.

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I'm delighted to announce that ain't no love in here, girl was recently accepted to the Best of Manchester Poets, Vol 2 *throws epic victory arms*

The anthology is available for purchase in December. Watch this space for more information.

There is also a Book Launch Gig, the details of which you can see below:

And yes, I'll be among those performing. *shits a brick* If you can/want to come along please do and if you know someone else who would be interested feel free to pass the details on.

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The brilliant and talented [ profile] apiphile has just posted a not-quite response poem to Shaped Like Care and it is raw and gorgeous in all the painful, bloodied and needy ways. <3_____<3


Link goes to her poetry community which is flocked but has open membership, which I guarantee is the worth of the mouse-click it requires. Most of her poems are still on her own journal though, under the relevant tag, and I urge you to go check them out as well.

Get on it!

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So, after dithering and procrastinating about it for a couple of months I'm finally planning on actually submitting some stuff to poetry magazines. Hurrah?

But which poetry magazines? After talking to people and some research and recommendations, the list of possibilities includes:

Magma (also has a competition about to run 16 October - 30 November)


Sentinel Literary Quarterly (I'm mostly thinking the competition)

The Rialto (go big or go home, right?)

The Wolf (seems like a place to shove my prose poetry at)

Thoughts? Or, better yet, recommendations of other magazines I should check out?


Jul. 14th, 2011 11:15 pm
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I've had an emotionally draining day but this made me smile tonight: Review of the Poetry and Knitting event from last week by Large Manchester website. Click on the link below to read the full review...


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Firstly: how amazing is this icon? VERY. Unfortunately, I have no idea who made it or where the cat haikus are from. Still: AMAZING AND TRUE.

However, I actually logged on to talk about the Poetica Poetry and Knitting event I attended tonight. It was better and had larger audience than I expected (yes, I am a 'glass half empty' kind of person). It was, of course, still a relatively small event with roughly 30-40 people in attendance including 10 of us who were reading.

I read the second so didn't have too long to be nervous. I read Kaleidos and in babylon they laugh with broken teeth, and in doing so, to an audience, remembered again how much I used to love acting. And this is kind of like that except better because it's my own words.

Oh performance high, I have missed you.

Anyway, it was a really good night. I spoke to quite a few people, received (and gave!) compliments and got poached into some experimental poetry workshop, which I think I will check out as invited.

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Should you be in Manchester and interested (or know someone who would be!) you are very welcome to:

Readings by yours truly and several other Poetica members. I'm going second and will be reading at least Kaleidos and in babylon they laugh with broken teeth, and possible one of the new shorter poems if there's time.

Hope to see you there :)

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Right, upcoming submissions and readings... This is mainly so I can keep track of the dates and selections myself. More than likely I may end up sending something completely new to at least some of these, but I'd like to have some options ready in case I don't manage to write anything new over the next couple of weeks.

So, tentative selections... thoughts and suggestions are more than welcome, should you feel so inclined.

Two poems to the Best of Manchester Poets Anthology, deadline 30th of June

Lol, these are kind of Manchester themed in a way and while it isn't a requirement the storytelling element feels like a good fit.

ain't no love in here, girl

Azalea Avenue
(this needs some fixing, I'm not completely happy with it at the moment)

Two poems to read at
Poetica Knitting Event on 6th of July

Fairly settled on these as they both read quite well.


in babylon they laugh with broken teeth

There is a part of me that wants to read you were wrong first just for the reactions...

Three poems to the Mslexia competition, deadline 18th of July

These, I feel, are the best I have to offer at the moment. I'm a little worried that they are stylistically too similar and I should be showing more range...??

Different Ghosts


Such Mercy

Three poems to the Poetica Anthology, deadline 20th of July

First one is set, because the group liked the format and typeset almost as much as they liked the poem itself (it was justified with wide margins on the print out). The others I'm dithering on.

Bone Sparrow


On Walking Home At Night (needs some tidying up I think)

OR something shorter like i am a shark or and your heart too

Decisions, decisions...

(Yes, this post is open as I said such posts would be. Poems are flocked though so if you want access to them, please drop me a comment somewhere)


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